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a conference call: une téléconférence
Let's schedule a conference call for next Tuesday. Programmons une téléconférence mardi prochain.


  • "Let's plan on starting our conference call at 8:30 in the morning (your time), which would make it 7:30 pm over here."
  • "Bruno : I'd like to thank you both for joining me on this conference call."
  • "I have come to a decision and would like to schedule another conference call for the end of this week."
  • "Brian : Just a minute, sir, I'm in the middle of a rather important conference call with Europe."
  • "Mergers, acquisitions, conference calls, advertising... hamburgers!"
  • "Subject: Conference call follow-up to our discussion on outsourcing"
  • "Thank you all for joining me on this conference call."
  • "I won't be in the office all week, I'm going scuba diving with a very important client's daughter, but I have scheduled a conference call with Susie for Thursday afternoon."

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