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to cook: cuisiner
I don't have time to cook during the week. Je n'ai pas le temps de cuisiner pendant la semaine.
a cook: un cuisinier
cooked: cuit


  • "What should you cook?"
  • "Cooked fava beans and custard"
  • "Someone fit and athletic, and it would be great if they cooked."
  • "If there were no business, I'd probably still be cooking soup for old people at the senior center, but I digress."
  • "She is the best cook in the world."
  • "Restaurant worker : Yeah, they're cooked."
  • "Mrs. Brady is an excellent cook, and students will be able to try many different types of real English food."
  • "It's a cookbook called "Look Like a Cook"."
  • "I thought we'd go to the Hard Sock Café to try some good old American cooking."
  • "Philip : Are they cooked?"

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