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a costume: un costume, un déguisement
Note that a "costume" never refers to a set of formal clothing such as a "suit". A costume generally refers to a "disguise" worn for special occasions.


  • "Philip : I am wearing a costume."
  • "I see... So... About your costume... Where did you get the idea to be a pregnant nun?"
  • "Don't you have a costume?"
  • "Then the children put on scary costumes and collect sweets from everybody."
  • "That is a pretty cool costume you're wearing."
  • "no costume tho, coming straight from work"
  • "Classic Halloween costumes : The cowboy, the giant poodle, the human toothbrush, the marshmallow."
  • "Now Moira, I want you to guess where I am. I will give you a clue, I am surrounded by a thousand samba dancers in sparkling costumes."
  • "I personally pledge to oversee all costumes and dance routines in order to ensure their fabulousness."
  • "Wow, your police costumes are fantastic!"

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