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to count: compter
Not counting distant cousins, there are 40 people in my family. Il y a 40 personnes dans ma famille, sans compter les cousins éloignés.
to count on someone: compter sur quelqu'un
You can count on me. Vous pouvez compter sur moi.
a (medal) count: un décompte (des médailles)


  • "Perhaps it would be quicker if you used this device to count the perfumes - the workers call it the "stock counter"."
  • "Loincloths do not count as clothing."
  • "I set the device to count the bottles are leaving the warehouse."
  • "Lotsa Medals : Well, Brent, I'm not sure those are everyone's concerns, but after one week of competition, Germany leads the medal count with 9 medals: 3 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze, closely followed by the US and France with 8 and 7 total medals respectively."
  • "Well I guess I'll just have to count them. This is my favorite part of the job!"
  • "Icarus : 4.63 times as much in fact, not counting your monthly bonuses."
  • "Icarus : Umm, if you really want to know, I'm counting my paper-clips."
  • "Icarus : Well, on December 12th, 1983, I forgot to count them and my mother left me."
  • "Campaigning for the environment, counting money."
  • "Icarus : Oh I just thought I'd have a look around, you know, count some perfume bottles, that sort of thing."

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