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a court, a court of law: un tribunal
to go to court: aller devant les tribunaux


  • "This court is now in session."
  • "I'll keep you posted regarding our upcoming court date in Monterey County."
  • "Judge : The court will now hear the prosecution's first witness: Horatio Oléré."
  • "The information presented within my self-published book is not strictly speaking "legal" or "admissible" in a court of law."
  • "Bruno : Uh, thank you judge, members of the court."
  • "Despite appearances to the contrary, the takeover is completely legitimate, and cannot be challenged in a court of law."
  • "I hope your court case is going fantastic."
  • "An attorney will be provided for you by the court if you cannot afford one."
  • "Without any written correspondence, I doubt your case will hold up in a court of law."

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