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a cow: une vache


  • "or the average estimate of 500 random people who know nothing about cows?"
  • "Bonjour le cow!"
  • "You'll find that there are more things to do here, fewer cows in the street, and a considerably smaller shotgun-to-citizen ratio."
  • "However, if you enjoy the smell of cow manure and exhaust, the Interstate 5 is your best option."
  • "Who do you think comes closer: the expert who's worked with cows all his life;"
  • "We've seen alligators eating crocodiles, the resting place of Noah's Ark, five hundred dancing ladyboys, Elvis, a dodo, and lots more... Though, strangely, not a single cow."
  • "There's a competition to guess the cow's weight."
  • "Jean : Please Edward, just eat this cow's tongue."
  • "They're just too big, like a big, fat, clumsy, old cow!"
  • "Icarus : Ok, here's an example: imagine a cattle market where there's a big, fat cow."

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