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(a) daily (meal): (un repas) quotidien
on a daily basis (or "on a day-to-day basis"): quotidiennement
a daily (newspaper): un quotidien (un journal quotidien)
The Times is a daily newspaper. The Times est un quotidien.
daily: quotidiennement, tous les jours
I take my medicine twice daily. Je prends mes médicaments deux fois par jour.

Pronunciation examples
UK: My daily shower is the highlight of my day.
US: Dogs should be walked on a daily basis.


  • "I estimate my daily efficiency will improve by 2.65 percent."
  • "I estimate that you have decreased my daily efficiency by 59.75 percent and increased my chance of a brain trauma by 63.26 percent!"
  • "Enjoy your time strolling our sunny 75-acre estate or swimming in our giant lake, stocked daily with fresh carp."
  • "As you know, these meetings are an opportunity for us to discuss what is going on in this crazy world, because often we're so busy with our daily responsibilities that we don't take the time to see what's really going on around us!"
  • "7.50AM - Brian Jones arrives for daily workout."
  • "Your commitment to daily English lessons has shown me how earnestly you desire to converse in the language of Shakespeare."
  • "My podcasts can be downloaded weekly at no charge on the Daily Roast website."
  • "Men who use fragrances daily can be segmented into two groups: 'übersexuals' and 'metrosexuals'."
  • "Xavier's daily soup will go cold tonight, but our hearts are still filled with warmth."
  • "Edward provides a soundtrack to my daily activities."

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