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an (interior) designer: un designer, un décorateur, un architecte d'intérieur
designer (clothes): (des vêtements) de marque


  • "After careful consideration, I have decided to invest my money in some designer clothes."
  • "Susie : The concept was developed by London's finest designers, to create the perfect shopping environment."
  • "They go back to the UK laden with jeans, designer shoes, CDs and Epods."
  • "Susie, I want you to brief some graphic designers."
  • "Fall 1: I smashed my designer sunglasses."
  • "As an emerging designer in 1950's France, Patrice took over the struggling fashion house of his mentor, Frederich Lundqvist, and restored it to respectability before launching his own fashion house with the financial backing of American investors."
  • "M arrakech, Morocco- Revolutionary designer and innovator Pierre Luc Patrice passed away last week due to complications from cancer."
  • "Susie : Bruno, I've just received the first drafts of the Delavigne logo from the graphic designers!"
  • "They go back to the UK with suitcases full of jeans, designer shoes, CDs and Epods."

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