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to determine (what happened): déterminer (ce qu'il s'est passé)
It is difficult to determine the sex of a jellyfish, because it changes during its life. Il est très difficile de déterminer le sexe d'une méduse car il change au cours de sa vie.
(a) determined (person): (une personne) décidée, déterminée, résolue


  • "Why don't I come by and do an on-site inspection of the machine to determine if it is a worthwhile expenditure?"
  • "Wang Industries CEO Lee Wang, 51, is determined to put Chinese-made luxury goods on the map, and understands the importance of brand recognition."
  • "As secretary of the local Ladies' Knitting Collective, I am key in determining the establishments which the ladies of this city frequent."
  • "Icarus : Well, that remains to be determined, Mr. Horatio."
  • "Our mission is to track a wild dolphin and determine if communication is possible outside the aquarium. Admiral Jones, take us down!"
  • "Luna : Hmmm. But if you pressed me I would say, let's see, honest, determined and kind to animals."
  • "I determine the quantity of perfumes produced"
  • "So, after three rounds of interviews, I've determined that you're one of the strongest candidates."
  • "-The way the complaint is handled will determine if the customer will return or not."

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