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different: différent, distinct, autre, divers
a difference: une différence


  • "In the United States, we have a different set of customs, a different set of values, even a different way of speaking the same language."
  • "It's where the stars "experiment" with different substances."
  • "Aliens are all different, alright?"
  • "Todd : Everythingisperfectia is very different than Earth."
  • "Mentally, it's a completely different story."
  • "Do you feel any different?"
  • "Today, as my personal assistant Brian Jones and I explored this city and talked to the native people, I was struck by the differences between our two countries."
  • "There are many different ways to do this, but only one will lead you to the gardens of Nirvana, or possibly just the bush of Guns N' Roses."

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