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a dollar: un dollar (monnaie de plusieurs pays comme les États-Unis, l'Australie, le Canada, la Barbade…)


  • "Cashier : Okay, that'll be eighty-eight dollars and twenty cents please."
  • "Claire : Yes really, but before I leave I'll need your credit card number and social security information, as well as small 500 dollar deposit."
  • "The London Ducky managed to speak to one worker, Pedro Sanchez, despite his pocket having been crammed full of 50 dollar bills in order to keep his mouth shut."
  • "I've found approximately 1.2 million dollars under the cushions of the couch in my office!"
  • "Here's another fifty dollars."
  • "You're worth hundreds of millions of dollars!"
  • "The 1.2 million dollars that we need to put to work!"
  • "Aside from Bümbüm's fee, we should be able to film the commercial for under a million dollars, which is rather inexpensive considering the scope of the project."
  • "Brian : Nearly eight dollars."
  • "Susie : Regarding the budget for the shoot: the most expensive aspect of this project will be securing Ms. Bümbüm's services, she's charging a minimum of 50,000 dollars per appearance these days."

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