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Traduction Dressed-undressed

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(Are you) undressed?: (Vous n'êtes) pas habillé ?

(I'm) dressed: (Je suis) habillé, vêtu

to get dressed: s'habiller


  • "Brian : I am dressed!"
  • "Now get dressed, and we'll head to the office, ok?"
  • "Brian : Well don't just stand there – help me get dressed!"
  • "Why don't we start by getting dressed?"
  • "Philip : Yeah, I saw a fat man dressed in red"
  • "Krazy Gidyeon : No, you get dressed!"
  • "I am offering a handful of Bruno's most esteemed business associates the opportunity to come dressed as famous inmates."
  • "I'm dressed as a salesman."
  • "I choose my expressions for the day when I get dressed each morning."
  • "Brian : No, Gidyeon, we need to get you up and dressed."

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