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to drink: boire
Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I drink / I drank / I have drunk
a drink: une boisson
to have a drink boire quelque chose, (aller) prendre un verre
a soft drink une boisson non-alcoolisée
Do you fancy a drink? Voulez-vous boire un verre?
drunk (or drunken): soûl, ivre
In modern English, the adjective drunk is used after a verb while drunken is used only in front of a noun :
A drunken woman at the bar was singing off-key. Une femme ivre au bar chantait faux.
The guests at the party were all drunk. Les invités de la soirée étaient tous ivres.
Don't drive drunk, you'll spill your drink! Ne conduis pas ivre, tu risquerais de renverser ton verre!


  • "My camel Sheeba, on the other hand, drinks water once a week."
  • "Australia isn't all about "surfing kangaroos" and "drunken koalas" anymore."
  • "Every day I spend my time drinking wine, feeling fine"
  • "Your job - it is to walk around in desert and not drink water?"
  • "Could I get you something to drink?"
  • "For those of you just tuning in, it was reported that the eccentric perfume magnate was piloting a hot air balloon while drunk when he lost control of the machine."
  • "Bruno : And Horatio "The Anaconda" Oléré, you'll be following drunken kung-fu school rules."
  • "Then in the restaurant, perhaps she drank too much champagne."
  • "I haven't drunk any water in three days!"
  • "Susie's mother : You're drinking like an Englishman?"

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