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a drive: une promenade, un trajet en voiture
To go for a drive Aller faire une promenade en voiture
It is a six-hour drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Los Angeles est à six heures de route de San Francisco.
to drive: conduire, emmener
Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I drive / I drove / I have driven
to drive (someone crazy): rendre (quelqu'un fou)
You are driving me crazy. Tu me rends fou.
(Rodeo) Drive: l'avenue ("Rodeo")


  • "1649 Berwick Drive"
  • "Olaf : Come on driver, just drive faster!"
  • "I'm sitting in Mr. Warbuckle's golf cart, while he drives me around the ranch."
  • "3476 Minty Fresh Drive"
  • "This is why I prefer driving drunk."
  • "I am writing to you from my countryside cottage in Yorkshire, where my forced retirement is driving me crazy."
  • "Brian : Why do we drive in a parkway, but park in a driveway?"
  • "3500 West Naples Drive"
  • "Mrs Brady drove on the wrong side of the road, and I was too scared to go surfing because they say there are many monsters in Cornwall."
  • "Olaf : Uh, Mr. Driving Man, I think we have arrived."

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