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a duty: un devoir, une responsabilité
Many Americans believe that it is their duty to vote. Beaucoup d'américains croient qu'il est de leur devoir de voter.


  • "Sigourney : Well Bruno, it's my duty as a journalist to report on the facts."
  • "His duties include photocopying and making tea and coffee."
  • "Some will fulfill their military duties and fight in Vietnam."
  • "It is my sad duty to inform you that I am resigning from my positions as Head of Research and Development and Most Handsome Man at the Delavigne Corporation, effective immediately."
  • "Some clerical duties."
  • "Leonard : Mr. Delavigne, my comrades have need to speak with you, and as a result of the collective bargaining agreement signed three years ago, it's my duty to negotiate workers' rights and grievances with the employer."
  • "I will not be giving the tour to Mr. Warbuckle personally, because this is not one of my duties as a personal assistant."
  • "Subject: Cleaning Duty"

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