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the earth: la terre
I hope that aliens will visit Earth one day. J'espère que les extraterrestres visiteront la Terre un jour.
To grow sweet carrots you need earth and sand. Pour faire pousser des carottes sucrées il faut de la terre et du sable.


  • "Are you here to destroy the Earth and make slaves of the Earthlings?"
  • "But I can't send anyone back to Earth without a mission."
  • "God : I have an intimate relationship with all creatures on earth."
  • "I need you to file an emergency 567b... return to Earth, effective immediately."
  • "I have come to Earth to..."
  • "Bernie : Return to Earth?"
  • "Enjoy your second chance on Earth!"
  • "Brian : So, Todd, you've come all the way from the planet Everythingisperfectia to find the funniest joke on Earth?"
  • "Todd : Actually Brian, I have come to Earth for a very special reason."
  • "Todd : Everythingisperfectia is very different than Earth."

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