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to enter (a building): entrer (dans un immeuble)
To express the sense of movement into a location, to enter is followed directly by an object (without a preposition). Example : enter a building, enter a home. To express the sense of participation, "enter" is often followed by the preposition into. Example : to enter into negotiations, to enter into discussions.
(Press) the enter key (on your keyboard): (Appuyez sur) la touche "entrée" (de votre clavier)
to enter (a code): entrer, saisir (un code)
to enter (a team in a tournament): présenter, inscrire (une équipe à un tournoi)


  • "Voice : The initiates may enter."
  • "The thought of someone illegally entering our home and taking the possessions we have bought with our own hard-earned money is enough to anger anyone."
  • "her story immediately entered national folklore."
  • "Firstly, the recipient is warned that their PalPay account is about to expire, and sent to a bogus webpage where they are asked to enter their account details, address, and even their social security number."
  • "The AFS machine automatically dismisses a worker after their name has been entered into its database."
  • "Permission to enter, Brian?"
  • "Prepare yourself for the descent, you are going to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere."
  • "(NASDAQ: IFC) and privately-owned American juice boutique Miracle Juices enter their 85th straight hour, the Peking Duck has obtained an exclusive transcript of a portion of the bargaining sessions."
  • "Mr. Cheeter makes people remove their shoes when they enter his holy temple."
  • "Before we enter, please put on these sandals and take this water pistol... just in case."

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