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(the) entire (world): toute (la planète), (le monde) entier
The entire family will be at the dinner party. Toute la famille sera au dîner.
I spent the entire day at the beach. J'ai passé toute la journée à la plage.
I searched the entire house and I still can't find my keys. J'ai cherché partout dans la maison et je ne retrouve toujours pas mes clefs.
The entire purpose of Bruno's visit to Tokyo was to sign the contract. La seule raison de la visite de Bruno était de signer le contrat.


  • "Brian : The company rents the entire building, but the fourth floor is reserved for our executive offices, the boardroom, the laboratory and a lounge."
  • "On behalf of the entire flight crew, we would like to thank you once again for choosing English Airlines, and we wish you a pleasant stay in London, or wherever your travels may take you."
  • "The massive skylight above us illuminates the entire space with natural light."
  • "Their goal is to promote teamwork and develop "skill sets" which will help us become more confident, more efficient and more focused on the well-being of the entire organization."
  • "I'd like to welcome you all to this press conference on behalf of the entire Delavigne Corporation."
  • "Our entire advertising budget is already spent!"
  • "Give bonuses to the entire staff."
  • "One of those ecological green walls has been installed which covers the entire front of the building."
  • "Well, we've canvassed the entire area, and spoken to several marine mammals."

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