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equipment: l'équipement, l'outillage, le matériel
(an) equipped (apartment): (un appartement) équipé


  • "Cleaning equipment and gas masks are available in my office."
  • "The dolphin has been equipped with sophisticated recording equipment as well as a waterproof microphone."
  • "Edward : But like all good equipment, you must keep them clean"
  • "Our factory manager in Paris has been bugging me for some new health and safety equipment."
  • "My assistant has set me up with a video conferencing system. If you've got the right equipment on your end, we should be able to go ahead with the meeting as planned."
  • "I'll need to check that your equipment and utensils are clean and well-maintained."
  • "Please buy the equipment requested by the factory manager ASAP."
  • "Do you have the equipment necessary to produce these bottles en masse?"
  • "Our place is equipped with a washer/dryer, cable, and internet."

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