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to exit: sortir
an exit: une sortie


  • "Northbound traffic on highway one isn't much better: An accident at the Embarcadero exit has traffic completely backed up."
  • "3:50 PM - Harold exits the elevator on the 14th floor, where he is greeted by Polly Watson."
  • "Last seen : Exiting clubhouse of San Francisco Olympic Club with dog-walker."
  • "( Bruno exits )"
  • "Hannah : No, Dave, that's the exit."
  • "The novice burglars exited the bank minutes later, and inevitably stepped upon the wet concrete."
  • "Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase their favorite perfumes in a retail store situated near the exit, and many of the artworks will be inspired by famous Delavigne scents."
  • "If you'd like to make your way to the exit now please."
  • "Last seen : Exiting clubhouse of San Francisco Olympic Club with personal dog walker."
  • "The possibility of a Brexit - an exit for Britain from the European Union - is very real, and frankly I'm scared."

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