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to exploit (someone, natural resources): exploiter (quelqu'un, des ressources naturelles)
His supervisors had exploited him for years because of his generosity and his ability to work long hours. A cause de sa générosité et de sa capacité à travailler des heures durant, son supérieur l'a exploité pendant des années.
We must exploit the resources available to us if we are to survive on this island. Nous devons exploiter les ressources disponibles pour survivre sur cette île.
That's exploitation!: C'est de l'exploitation !

Pronunciation examples
UK: His supervisors had exploited him for years because of his generosity and his ability to work long hours.
US: We must exploit the resources available to us.


  • "The question is whether we will continue to exploit cheap and potentially illegal labor, or whether we should explore more expensive, but more ethical alternatives."
  • "Susie, Philip recently sent me an email addressing his concerns on our new idea for an anti-exploitation ad campaign."
  • "Susie : If you consider the dangers of questionable labor practices strictly from a financial perspective, you'll find that continuing to exploit cheap labor sources is extremely risky."
  • "An outspoken conservative businessman, speaking on condition of anonymity, went so far as to say that the new line is another ploy by liberals to exploit easily-influenced consumers."
  • "I'm calling in regards to the memo you sent me about Susie's new marketing proposal, the one about the anti-exploitation ad campaign."
  • "We had been debating the pros and cons of exploiting inexpensive but possibly illegal labor, versus taking the "high road" and using only suppliers with a proven record on human rights working standards."
  • "You can be sure the media is going to exploit this incident to the best of its abilities, and we've got our respective businesses to think of here."
  • "Bruno : Edward, we want to exploit, I mean, use your musical talent."
  • "Outsourcing: Cost-Efficient Advantage or Unethical Tool of Exploitation?"
  • "Bruno : Susie, you'll have to postpone your plans for the anti-exploitation ad campaign."

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