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an explosion: une explosion, une déflagration


  • "Subject: Big explosion yesterday"
  • "Uh huh...The nuclear explosion in the Pacific, yes sir!"
  • "He died following a freak explosion in the laboratory of his perfume shop."
  • "Contributed to the cultural explosion of the sixties."
  • "In light of yesterday's unfortunate laboratory explosion (on the bright side, just our third this year!), and today's mighty hangover, I've decided to retire from perfume development, effective immediately."
  • "Due to a tragic gas explosion in the Olympic village, all other contestants were killed before the event."
  • "(Explosion)"
  • "He died in a freak explosion in the laboratory of his perfume shop."
  • "I can't smell, my grandfather died in a perfume explosion, and then I was a little busy creating this multinational perfume company that pays your salaries, okay?"
  • "The company, at the center of hundreds of scandals in the last 10 years, ranging from illegal bear hunts to monkey abuse to laboratory explosions, just can't seem to get their act together."

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