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to fascinate: fasciner, passionner
Rare plants and herbs have always fascinated Horatio. Les plantes et les herbes rares ont toujours passionné Horatio.
fascinating: fascinant, passionnant
This book is fascinating. Ce livre est passionnant.
Horatio is quite fascinating. Horatio est assez fascinant.
to be fascinated (by): être passionné, fasciné (par)
Luna has always been fascinated by toy poodles. Luna a toujours été fascinée par les caniches nains.


  • "Dr. Gilchrist : Fascinating!"
  • "Bruno had better luck with independent shops, which were fascinated by Oléré's intense and original blends."
  • "Our readers would be fascinated to hear about your unique approach to accounting and your opinions on the finance world in general."
  • "Fascinating. You're much taller than your dog."
  • "Icarus : But I found the piece truly fascinating."
  • "There's an exhibit at the Louvre on Neo-Classical Anti-Renaissance Post-Modernism. Oh and then we can go and have some ice cream, it'll be fascinating!"
  • "I hope you'll come back soon with more information about the fascinating nation of Scandinavia."
  • "Joan : Fascinating!"
  • "Extraterrestrials, or "aliens", have fascinated mankind for centuries."
  • "Montmartre Musk from Delavigne is full of artistic flair, vibrance and creativity, it's colourful and romantic, yet fascinating and complex."

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