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Gratuit et sans engagement.


feedback: les réactions, les retours, les échos


  • "Kwik-e-Market really appreciates your feedback."
  • "I look forward to hearing your feedback, and remember to wash your hands!"
  • "Susie : Now, as I mentioned in my email, we've received a lot of negative feedback about our latest campaign: for the Delavigne Classic Collection."
  • "Subject: Focus Group Feedback"
  • "Icarus : Miss Bliss, sorry to interrupt you, but will our feedback be recorded?"
  • "I would appreciate any constructive, pro-statue feedback you might have."
  • "The goal of these focus groups is to gather internal feedback about a couple of new products we're considering."
  • "Susie : Sweating, hmm. Listen Brian, why don't we mate, I mean meet later this afternoon for a quick feedback session."
  • "- Feedback regarding how Delavigne views your performance over the past year"
  • "Although the feedback of the group was positive enough to merit more research, we really shouldn't launch a new line based on such a small, biased trial."

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