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to feel like (sleeping): avoir envie de (dormir)
To feel like is followed by a gerund (a verb in the ING form) when followed directly by a verb :
I feel like going to the movies. J'ai envie d'aller au cinéma.

Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I feel like / I felt like / I have felt like
I feel like (I'm making progress): J'ai l'impression, le sentiment (de faire des progrès)
this feels like (real leather): (au toucher) cela ressemble à (du vrai cuir)


  • "When she speaks to me I feel like I am the only person in the room."
  • "Bruno : I felt like the king of the world while Betty's banquet continued."
  • "I feel like Brian Jones is going to walk in here any second and say "Hello chaps."
  • "Philip : Yeah, and this sure doesn't feel like Angelina Jolie."
  • "Other times, I feel like I could travel for the rest of my life."
  • "Edward : (singing) Sometimes I feel like such a loner, trying to fill the printer with toner"
  • "Australian woman : Bruno, I've never said this to anyone before, but you make me feel like a boomerang."

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