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a fellow (or "fella"): un mec, un gars, un type, un bonhomme
Fellow a un caractère affectif.
He's a strange little "fella", isn't he? C'est un drôle de petit bonhomme, n'est-ce pas?
(a) fellow (student, citizen): (un) camarade (de classe) ; un concitoyen


  • "And who are these fellows?"
  • "Besides, this young fellow is pretty skinny."
  • "Please go to Horatio's laboratory at 6pm this evening, where you will be joined by fellow "volunteers", Hannah Benedict (Head of Retail) and Edward Moon (British intern)."
  • "Warbuckle : Eh, she's going to say: "Hello gentlemen, which one of you handsome fellas is going to kiss me at midnight?"
  • "Well, now that we're finished with the tour, let's go into the "Purple room" so I can introduce you to your fellow crazies!"
  • "by Snoozy Fellows, sleepy journalist"
  • "A 15-year-old boy wreaked havoc today at White Dove High School when he pulled out candy from his bag and threw it "quite hard" at fellow students."
  • "Polly : Hello fellow colleagues!"
  • "A fellow student said "Zack was careful not to throw the candy directly at people, but a caramel square did land quite near my foot"."
  • "Narrator : And who's this little fellow?"

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