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to fill out (a form) (US): remplir (un formulaire)


  • "Before you give any blood, you need to fill out this Medical History questionnaire."
  • "Philip : Fill out."
  • "Also, please put together a contract for Brian, and collect any information we need to fill out our paperwork: social security number, medical history, insurance information and any other personal details."
  • "Icarus : But this is good – this is the first tax return I've filled out in 500 years!"
  • "And when I say "I" have to fill out a form, I mean "you" have to fill out a form. Are you ready to take down some notes?"
  • "I have to fill out a form about Bob Carter."
  • "I don't have to fill out any forms?"
  • "Stand up, clean yourself off and go fill out the form!"
  • "If you cannot attend, you will find a form attached which you may fill out and return if you wish to vote by proxy."

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