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Gratuit et sans engagement.


the (semi-)final: la (demi-)finale
final: final, dernier, ultime


  • "Final sentence with a touch of humor."
  • "Now we ready to move on to our final destination: The Kremlin."
  • "So, please come to my petite dégustation in the break room at 1pm to celebrate me, French gastronomy and my final few months before I am possibly deported."
  • "Jean : Space, the final frontier."
  • "Ok, one final question: what is your greatest strength?"
  • "Now our final and most important point of discussion: The Eurovision song contest."
  • "Susie : Yes actually - I'm conducting a few final interviews with marketing candidates."
  • "Now please allow me to laugh one final time: Ha ha ha ha... ha."
  • "My divorce is finally final, and my monkey has learned to copy my signature."
  • "Bruno : Miss Bliss, welcome to your final interview."

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