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(a) financial (report): (un rapport) financier


  • "Edward :I think this means Delavigne Corp is heading for financial trouble."
  • "Bruno : Financial trouble?"
  • "Icarus "financial brain" Quincy"
  • "Below you will find a summary of Delavigne Corporation's financial results for the first half of this year."
  • "I think this musical dream is a premonition - a "financial forecast"."
  • "And he's helping us with our paper recycling system. He's very efficient at chewing confidential financial reports."
  • "Despite gloomy financial forecasts for its competitors, the perfume giant is set to have one of their most successful Christmases ever with sales up 15% since this time last year."
  • "Innovative financial expert adept at building enterprise value"
  • "All we need to do is interpret the music, and we will know everything about Delavigne's financial future."
  • "by William Wordsmith, Financial Editor"

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