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Traduction Find enclosed

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please find (the documents) enclosed: veuillez trouver ci-joint (les documents)
Note the alternative for emails or virtual correspondence: "please find attached".
You will find enclosed two copies of my passport. Veuillez trouver ci-joint deux photocopies de mon passeport.
enclosed: fermé, couvert, ci-joint
to enclose: joindre, attacher, insérer


  • "Tickets and directions are enclosed."
  • "I kindly suggest that you take a look at our catalogue, which I have enclosed with this letter."
  • "Enclosed in this pack are some samples taken from the Classic Collection campaign: our key image in Saudi Arabia, and its equivalent in France for comparison."
  • "Following your demand for payment which I received this morning, please find enclosed a transfer order for the three shipments totaling 520 Delavigne "Sugar "n" Spice" soap bars, with invoices dated May 2nd, 18th, and 30th."
  • "To further acquaint you with my background, I have enclosed my resume."
  • "Please find enclosed copies of our prior communication, as well as the unpaid invoices in question."
  • "Further to our meeting of 16th July, I hereby enclose the revised Delavigne Corporation shareholder agreement, which now includes the amendments as per our discussion."
  • "Please find enclosed your RSVP, to be returned by August 1st."

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