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flat: plat
flat feet pieds plats
a flat tire un pneu crevé
a flat (UK): un appartement


  • "Need to move out of my flat on 28th June."
  • "Hannah : The flat I'm buying is in the Mission district."
  • "He helped me find the apartment I live in now, and he found tenants for the flat that my parents own in Sausalito."
  • "Edward : Erm, can I have a look at the flat as well?"
  • "I'm speaking to you now from my flat in London."
  • "I've been Spring cleaning my flat recently, and I need to get rid of some of my things!"
  • "Getting juiced, ripped muscles, flat abs, six-pack chest, thunder thighs."
  • "He's got an extra room at his flat."
  • "There are no pygmies in the Amazon, but there are flat tires."

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