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a folder (full of papers): une chemise (pleine de papiers)
a folder (computer): un dossier, un répertoire (informatique)


  • "Bob : The left button is used to select things: files, folders or documents, or to click on internet links, for example."
  • "The folders are a sort of maroon, burgundy color."
  • "It is used to open files, folders and documents."
  • "I have of course, included all of this information in the folders which you should find in front of you."
  • "The numbers inside of the folders are, in my opinion, equally stimulating."
  • "If the email isn't being filtered to the wrong folder, then I don't see any reason why you wouldn't respond to your emails."
  • "On the desktop there are folders and shortcuts to some important applications, and of course to the hard drive."
  • "But have you checked another folder?"

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