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(Here's Moira) with a look at (today's headlines): (Voici Moira) pour un aperçu (des nouvelles du jour)
(Let's go to Ray Upton) for a look at (the traffic): (Allons voir Ray Upton) pour un aperçu (du trafic)


  • "Donna : Let me just have a quick look at my notebook."
  • "Let's check in with our weather correspondent Candy Summers for a look at this weekend's forecast."
  • "Moira : Here's a quick look at some of the stories we'll be covering today: another devastating flood hits Bangladesh, the economic crisis in Argentina takes a turn for the worse, and an assassination attempt on the Danish Prime Minister has some hilarious consequences."
  • "This week, Rupert is here with a look at that most baffling of sports!"

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