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(I love all animals) for example (dogs, maggots...): (J'aime tous les animaux) par exemple (les chiens, les asticots...)


  • "You see a billboard advertising a Delavigne perfume, TigerLily for example."
  • "You could call yourself a "businessman", or "entrepreneur" for example..."
  • "For example, let's refresh the page "Geek"."
  • "Jason : We have plenty of other vacancies too: shrimp catchers, for example."
  • "For example, I know that Daddy is very emotional right now."
  • "For example, here's my song for Europe."
  • "For example, every morning at 10:00 AM sharp, we could all turn on our intercoms and laugh together for 30 seconds."
  • "Brian : Like who stole her crown for example?"
  • "For example, I try to answer Bruno's emails immediately."
  • "Bruno : For example."

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