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  • "Tickets for the seminar are selling fast, normally for $100 dollars, but I can let you go for free."
  • "Fred Farmer : Well, as you're a high-profile psychologist, the device is yours for free, along with a generous testing fee, say $10,000?"
  • "I don't often get such a pretty lady to come here on her own accord... and for free!"
  • "1st lesson for free!"
  • "And for free!"
  • "You're going to give me a book, for free?"
  • "Think about all the artists who labored to produce content that is just being taken away for free!"
  • "Hannah : I mean that American employees who leave the US get everything organised for them and given to them for free, while we Brits and French people who come to live in the States get no help at all."

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