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France: la France


  • "This e-mail is just to let you know that I'll be conducting telephone interviews with the candidates for the "Xavier Delavigne Friends of France" internship program tomorrow morning (the program that sponsors a French student to work at Delavigne for the summer)."
  • "In France."
  • "A most female perfume from France by Fabergé"
  • "SILVER - Fifi Le Caniche (France)"
  • "Mi casa es su casa, as they say in France."
  • "Excuse my typical French greeting, but I have just returned from my homeland (France) and I am filled with a love of France (my homeland) and all things French!"
  • "As far as the numerous traffic violations incurred by Mr. Marron, I can only suggest that the vast societal and cultural differences between his native country (France) and ours played a significant part in his actions."
  • "La France !"
  • "Bruno : Maybe I should go live in France with Grandpa Xavier."

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