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freezing: glacial, glaçant, givrant
to freeze: geler, glacer, congeler
a wage freeze un gel des salaires
the price freeze le gel des prix

Notons que ce verbe est irrégulier :
I freeze / I froze / I have frozen


  • "It's freezing in San Francisco and you think it's connected to global warming?"
  • "Brent : Yes, well Candy, in the winter, water freezes and turns to ice."
  • "Candy, we're freezing here in San Francisco."
  • "I like to send people a stream - or should I say glacier - of passive-aggressive emails until the person becomes numb and confused and eventually falls into a frozen lake."
  • "If it's snowing in San Francisco, maybe you're experiencing "global freezing"."
  • "Bruno : So here I am in a Kalackistani hotel, two days before the new year, and it's freezing!"
  • "As one of our patients, your body will be frozen when you die and preserved in cryonic suspension."
  • "I'll send you the forms. We're looking forward to freezing you."
  • "You've been frozen for over 500 years!"
  • "I hope you enjoy the frozen tundra."

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