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(the) full-time (staff): (le personnel) Ă  plein temps
(a) part-time (job): (un travail) Ă  mi-temps


  • "Perhaps you are a purist and limit yourself to downloading pornography and heavy metal music, however whether you are podcasting vegan recipes or ranting about Venezuelan foreign policy on a message board, it seems clear that the Web has become less of an occasional tool than a full-time distraction."
  • "With my husband working full time, I have decided that it makes sense for me to stop working at this time in order to spend more time with my kids in their formative years."
  • "Being a manager is a full-time job, and I'm very busy."
  • "Wanted: Full-Time Manager for Customer Service Department"
  • "Our commitment to our customers has always been what sets us apart from our competitors, and it's time to dedicate some serious resources to a full time staff with their own space."
  • "I'm leaving to pursue my love of whisky full time."
  • "I'm afraid the 401(k) plans are reserved for full-time, salaried employees."
  • "I feel like I have to choose between becoming a full-time mother or keeping my job."
  • "Our commitment to our customers has always set us apart from our competitors, and it's time to dedicate some serious resources to a full-time staff with their own space."
  • "I've always wanted children, but as you know I am a professional woman who works full time."

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