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the funds: les fonds
public, government funds fonds publics
a fund : un fonds (monétaire), une caisse
unemployment fund caisse de chômage
to fund: financer
I found someone who is willing to fund our project. J'ai trouvé quelqu'un qui veut financer notre projet.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I found someone who is willing to fund our project.
We don't have the funds to continue the project.
US: I donated all my winnings to the World Wildlife Fund.


  • "However, I fought tooth and nail, and I was able to get funds for the following items"
  • "Please contact me immediately so that I can instruct you on how to transfer these funds to your personal bank account."
  • "But I fought tooth and nail, and managed to allocate funds for the following items"
  • "Edward : Due to insufficient funds in my account!"
  • "The trip is funded 100% by the company, including the mandatory bear insurance."
  • "I think I could ask Luna if Human Resources would fund a stress-management course for us Delavigne employees in high-pressure jobs."
  • "For example, I am proposing a grant of $1m to the Marketing Department to fund a Europe-wide campaign aimed at increasing sales of our mid-range collections."

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