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fur: les poils, le pelage, la fourrure
My cat is shedding its fur. Mon chat perd ses poils.
a fur coat: un manteau de fourrure


  • "She's like a little person, but with fur and paws and a long tongue."
  • "So they stay in their mother's pouch for 9 months, until they grow fur and become all cute."
  • "He actually included some of Giuseppe's back fur in the envelope."
  • "Their hair balls are becoming a problem. I'm not sure if they're licking their own fur or your body hair."
  • "I'll have to dig out my red lipstick and fake fox furs."
  • "I'll be wearing a long fur coat, very high heels and bright red lipstick."
  • "Icarus : Laugh all you want, Philip, but Ruby Delaware is waiting for me tonight wearing a fur coat, red lipstick and very high heels."

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