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Traduction Garden

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a garden: un jardin
to garden: jardiner
a gardener: un jardinier


  • "Warbuckle : Yeah, Pedro, he's my gardener."
  • "Meditate in any one of our seventeen zen gardens, where relaxing incense will overpower your olfactory glands."
  • "The second apartment certainly did have all the "original features" you mentioned, including a 19th century antique toilet (in the garden)."
  • "Pedro : I'm so sorry jefe, the reporter, he told me it was a story about me and gardeners in Dallas."
  • "Bruno : And erect it in Brian Jones's garden!"
  • "He often visited the garden, where he gathered lavender, lilac and jasmine."
  • "But it is nice to be outside, and the grass on the field reminds me of the gardens of France."
  • "- The herb garden is not an "all you can smoke" buffet."
  • "Brian : I could find a nice little house with a garden in the suburbs."
  • "Bob : Yeah, "Erotic Garden", it's one of our top-sellers."

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