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a boy: un garçon
a girl: une fille


  • "Though delivered crudely, his concern that men won't want to smell "girly, like a girl" could be legitimate."
  • "Subject : Naughty boys"
  • "Philip : Well it does say "I love my number one birthday boy" on it."
  • "What's a good-looking boy like you doin' without a nice wife?"
  • "You're a girl!"
  • "Brian : Philip, why do you keep on calling her "girl dog"?"
  • "That's a good girl."
  • "There is no dialogue, only the rhythm of pulsating African drums. After 15 seconds, we superimpose the Delavigne logo over the girl's face, and then we have a voice-over, with a woman whispering: "TigerLily by Delavigne"."
  • "Wait, so God is a British girl?"
  • "Just me and the girls enjoying some wine and talking about anything and everything."

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