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(I'm) gonna (leave): (Je) vais (partir) (familier)
"Gonna" is a shortened version of the verb form "going to". This word is spoken, but rarely written.


  • "Daddy's gonna shoot us some dinner."
  • "Whaddya gonna do!"
  • "Fat Face Sal : What am I gonna do with you?"
  • "Where are we gonna find a bear?"
  • "Airport Guy : But how am I gonna get you the money?"
  • "You're gonna have to answer to the Coca-Cola company."
  • "This here is going to be your crew for the thing we're gonna do tomorrow."
  • "Brian Jones and Horatio Oléré are gonna have a fight after work."
  • "Gonna take you right into the danger zone"
  • "They're gonna crash!"

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