Traduction Good health

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(Is your dog) in good health?: (Est-ce que votre chien est) en bonne santé ?


  • "The good news is you're alive and in good health."
  • "He ate at your restaurant last Friday evening (June 23rd), accompanied by three of his colleagues, who were lucky enough to escape in good health."
  • "You will wake up one day in the future to a new life in youthful good health!"
  • "Moira : Reginald attributed his good health to his diet: a pint of beer every day for breakfast, fish and chips for supper and a glass of whisky before bedtime."
  • "DISCLAIMER: For safety reasons, participants are required to be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems. It is advisable to bring a spare pair of underpants."

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