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to gross (10 euros): réaliser un chiffre d'affaires de (10 euros)
the gross: le chiffre d'affaires
Note the distinction between "gross" and "net" pay : "gross pay" is a salary before taxes and other charges are deducted, while "net pay" is the amount of money taken home after taxes and other charges.
net pay salaire net
gross (slang): grossier, brut, dégoûtant


  • "Bruno : Oh gross!"
  • "Not only that, but my last film grossed 100 million dollars at the box office and my next one is predicted to do the same."
  • "No matter how much your department stores are grossing every month, there's no way you can stay out of personal debt when you're spending like this."
  • "GROSS: $980 million"
  • "Michelle : Eww, gross."
  • "Bruno : Oh, gross!"

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