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a guy: un mec, un type, un gars
Guys est un terme familier.
Hey guys, how's it going? Salut les gars, comment ça va?
(I love) you guys: (Je vous adore,) les gars, les mecs
You guys is a common way of addressing a group of people in spoken English.

Pronunciation examples
UK: Come on guys, let's go for a swim!
US: He's a very nice guy, but he's not qualified for the position.


  • "Come on, guys."
  • "That guy is on the cutting edge of technology."
  • "You guys crack me up."
  • "Bruno : Why do you guys look so worried?"
  • "Airport Guy : Uh, look I can see that you guys are having some problems here."
  • "Bruno : That old guy with a beard is one of the most prominent mathematicians in the world Brian."
  • "Brian : Who's the guy with the—"
  • "Bruno : Let's get right to the point, guys."
  • "Bob the Brit : You're no gangster, Corsican, you're just a big talking wise guy!"
  • "Brian : It looks like some old guy with a beard."

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