Traduction Harassment

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harassment: harcèlement


  • "-Sexual harassment -Continued insubordination"
  • "Jean : No in France, sexual harassment is a good thing, supported by the government."
  • "Are you aware of the company's policy on sexual harassment Jean?"
  • "Sexual harassment is a major issue in American companies."
  • "Now the reason for this rendezvous, or "meeting" rather, is to discuss Delavigne's sexual harassment policy."
  • "He probably needs to complete that new sexual harassment form as well."
  • "And finally, to the author of the suggestion about the "cute little cashier", I suggest that you read pages 5 through 7 of your "Employee Code of Conduct" (see the section marked "Sexual Harassment")."
  • "You know there are thousands of cases of workplace sexual harassment in the States every year."

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