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to have fun: s'amuser
Did you have fun in Horatio's laboratory? Vous êtes vous bien amusé dans le laboratoire de Horatio?
the fun: le plaisir, l'amusement
I play cards only for fun. Je joue aux cartes uniquement pour le plaisir.


  • "Icarus Quincy (USA) was disqualified from the Having fun competition for blood doping."
  • "Have fun! Luna"
  • "Let's have some fun."
  • "'Cause I was having too much fun"
  • "Have fun in France, and take care of your grandfather!"
  • "If not, just have fun reading the official hiring policy document when it arrives."
  • "Have fun Bruno"
  • "I'm just pushing your buttons, having some fun, but you've made your point."
  • "Hey, I know, let's have some fun."
  • "I've been hired by your company to make sure you people are having fun and working together."

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