Traduction Have it back to you

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to have (or "get") something back (to someone): renvoyer quelque chose (à qq'un)
We've fixed your piano, sir, and we'll have it back to you in five minutes. Nous avons réparé votre piano monsieur, nous allons vous l'envoyer dans cinq minutes.


  • "But I never got the server back."
  • "We were supposed to have it back in 48 hours."
  • "I'll draft you up an agreement and get it to you by Tuesday afternoon."
  • "We'll take care of everything and have it back to you within 48 hours, no problem."
  • "Archibald : While I'd love to exchange more absurd exaggerations with you, Miss Watson, I would love even more to help find your server and have it back to you by tomorrow afternoon?"
  • "Could you get it to me by the end of the day?"

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