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(I'm looking for) heaven. (Can you direct me?): (Je cherche) le paradis. (Pouvez-vous m'aider ?)
heaven peut aussi être traduit par "le ciel".
heaven on earth: le paradis sur terre


  • "It's just you, floating alone in the heavens."
  • "That's why I'm bringing in a very special consultant – a close friend of mine from heaven – Mr. Michael Jackson."
  • "You're like an angel who came to earth, and from heaven you fell"
  • "There is no soup in heaven, but we do have Internet!"
  • "(to hold out for) pie in the sky - (to wait for) a reward promised for the future, like a delicious dessert waiting for you in heaven"
  • "Edward : You're like an angel who came to earth, and from heaven you fell... Ooh, that's a nice line Brian."
  • "Xavier : No, Bruno, I got hungry – there is no food in the heaven."
  • "He's currently exiled from heaven so he is available to help us bring the music back to Delavigne."

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